Hi Folks,

We couldn’t be more proud to announce that we are going to organize a global salesforce event in the upcoming month. The idea is to engage communities and salesforce geeks worldwide. It’s a small but powerful idea towards next level of learning and worldwide engagement.

“Big things often start with small ideas – at least that’s how ApexChamp, the Community-Led Hackathon, came to be.”

-ApexChamp Team

We all know that Salesforce community is one of the largest community of users, admins, developers, and partners, which hosts a lot of community-driven events which makes it unique and special. These events help you getting an energetic environment for strong connections, learning core skills, and building great careers. And, That’s why we all love to be the part of it!

Most of the big community events (like dreamOlé, London’s Calling, India Dreamin’ etc.) are organized locally by local community group leaders and some self-motivated people. Most of these events have the common agenda of building new connections, learning and floating the boat of knowledge.

However, if you are salesforce geek and hunting for something challenging to innovate, you might need something more Advanced.

So, What’s the Next Step?

We all have attended a lot’s of dug meetups, seminars, workshops in our career span. There are different sources to learn and keep yourself updated with what’s going on and coming next!

ApexChamp is next level of learning by having a healthy and transparent competition within the community. This not only gives exposure to the local community but also it gives global exposure with a very unique kind of learning, Since we know, when you do it yourself, you can memorize it better, And when you memorize it better you can improve your learnings and understandings.

Hackathon is not a new concept to Salesforce world but what makes ApexChamp different from other events because of its theme and concept and target audience. This is a true by-the-community-for-the-community event with a single objective of learning with fun for salesforce geeks.

One of the best parts of this event as a participant is, unlike other events, it’s free and always will be. But the only thing we like to take is good memories !!

Also, when we say transparent, we actually mean it. Whether you are a participant or a sponsor, you’ll get precise information about everything which you need to know. So, it’s a win-win for both who are participating and who are sponsoring.

A Message to developers

Sometimes the most difficult challenges hold the greatest gems of light. Participating in the Challenges and Hackathon is just not enough; you got to keep your eye on the $$ prize as well.

A Message to the Community

“We believe that we all have a responsibility to give back. No one becomes successful without lots of hard work, support from others, and a little luck. Giving back creates a virtuous cycle that makes everyone more successful.”

A big Thanks to everyone!!

A big thanks to the awesome community and their support. Thanks to all who have already registered and those who didn’t register yet, follow the link !!


4 Replies to “Hello Salesforce world!”

  1. Its really amazing to have such an idea-based event in India and we are looking forward to be part of it and would love to contribute. We need such events to bring the community together.

    1. Thanks, Chhaya for your amazing response.

      We are working really hard to make it more amazing and useful to the individual. It’s not only limited to India, but it’s gonna be the worldwide event. The participants can be from different countries, and we are going to welcome everyone from Salesforce community.

      Hope you have already registered !! Spread the word #ApexChamp18

      Thanks again,
      ApexChamp Team

  2. So excited to know about this! Finally the big step we were looking forward to. I deeply appreciate the initiative made by the team as I am very much looking forward to the event.

    1. Thanks, Sneegdha for your kind words.

      We are also really excited about this event and hope everybody will enjoy this event.

      Hope you have already registered !! Spread the word #ApexChamp18

      Thanks again,
      ApexChamp Team

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