We get a lot of questions like, What is Apexchamp? How did you guys get motivated for ApexChamp?
How’s it different from other events? Why should an Individual participate in ApexChamp?
How can an individual be benefitted by it?
We will be trying to summarize all of these questions in this blog. Hope, it will do justice to it.
Life can often force you to take a break from everything. At such times, Motivation can be a precarious beast. And finding it within you to jump back in, can be hard.
On the flip-side, you might be halfway through your life goals and feel like there’s still a long way ahead of you. Maybe you’re not one of those people who spring out of bed every morning, super motivated and ready to take on the world. Perhaps you’re still a bit tired from 2017 or you ate a big lunch or you just don’t feel like it right now. These are all perfectly normal feelings we all experience.
Anyways, at some or the other point, everybody needs some motivation. It could be anything from a quote to a charm to a person or even themselves.
The point is, What actually motivates us?
We are highly motivated by the feeling of YOLO rather than SLOW-MO. When you think about it, the acronym stands in the place of a powerful statement reflecting a profound existential truth—You Only Live Once. These words are a reminder of the brevity of life—and like most things that happen only once, that life is pretty special and it’s our responsibility to make it worthwhile for ourselves and others.
Apexchamp is the very first step taken by us, towards delivering awesomeness to the community. Two months ago, it was just an irrational idea of 4 people. But now, we couldn’t be more proud to announce that it’s worldwide, more and more people from all around the world and becoming a part of it.
Somehow this reminds of the quote:
Apexchamp is for everyone, we are welcoming all. An ideal participate could be anyone from a developer to an admin, a freelancer or a consultant who is either working in a big corporate or is a part of a start-up either having a great experience or just a fresher. We are not doing any bifurcation in our participants. But the only must have is, working knowledge of Salesforce.
ApexChamp is significantly different from any other event. When we say different, it’s not only the concept but also the agenda.
The primary agenda of Apexchamp is organizing a transparent event worldwide. Transparency is very much required in such an online event and we would love to set the bar high in our first attempt.
Just for your knowledge, we are keeping our sponsorship list fairly limited and giving the opportunity to the those who really deserving and to those startups who want visibility in the community all around the world. Also, there is no Minimum Sponsorship Amount. Yes, it’s true, If sponsors want to distribute swags/Gadgets/T-shirts etc. to winning participants they can feel free to do that. We are flexible for each and everyone.
Also, the reason behind having limited sponsorships and No Minimum Sponsorship Amount is to keep the results (winners) of this event immaculate and not get influenced by any Sponsor in any way. We want the person who truly deserves wins the contest.
On the other hand, We are not charging any participation amount and there is no catch in it at all. The reason behind it is pretty simple that it is a fully online event, thus the total operational cost for this is very low. But, all we are going to take is the small amount of your time and hope it would get converted into an awesome memory of ApexChamp’18.
All this saves a lot of money to sponsors which they may directly pay to the winning participants & also the same money is involved in their promotional campaign on Apexchamp. Thus it’s a win-win situation for both Participants and Sponsors. Also, in this way, they will get full transparency, which is our prime motive.
If One is good at basic math, One can calculate the financial benefit by comparing Prize Money against a number of hours spent in this activity. We know that the prize money awarded in this event is pretty decent. Honestly, Prize money is directly proportional to the number of active sponsors and how Apexchamp will be getting benefitted from them. We hope that Prize money will be increasing significantly in the future as Apexchamp will bring benefits for Everyone. Fingers crossed!
Apart from financial benefits, One can get visibility & popularity in the community. It works the same way like a person who is good at singing wins the American Idol Or a person who is good at dancing wins the World Dance Championship.
What if you are not a winner?
The majority of people always revere success and abhor failure. But, in truth, failure is an integral part of success because it certainly contributes to the learning process.
You cannot enrich your knowledge, improve your expertise, strengthen your competence, or fine-tune your technique without failing and learn from the experience. If you avoid failure, you may also avoid success.
What we are hiding from you ??
Only one thing and it’s not about you.
Just to keep this contest fair and legitimate, we are keeping the identification of our jury hidden, so they will not get any personal recommendations from anyone. We want the person who truly deserves must win the contest.

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